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Wordvoyance is the first game we have made with an emphasis of providing a good experience for blind and visually impaired people and is inspired by Scrabble. If you've played Scrabble before, then you'll already know how to play our game. We wanted to give an experience that is like the game many of us have played but change it where needed to in order to provide an accessible experience.

One main difference with this game is that the board size is only 13x13 in order to account for people with smaller screens. Aside from that, the game as a whole should be similar to what you've experienced before. Your skill level won't change and the high scoring words you know will still be playable here.

Many of the crossword games out there seem to not just operate poorly but not operate at all when using screen readers. So we asked ourselves: why do these not take visually impaired people into account? We quickly learned the many difficulties that come along with developing a game where blindness is something we want to support. Just handling the simple pressing of a button required a different approach than normal.

Example of a menu if it was blurry Example of a menu if it was blurry

Even though we ran into all these problems, we didn't let it deter us from our ultimate goal of providing a great, accessible experience. After all, if you head to Google and search "blind games," you won't exactly find many good experiences out there.

Providing a good experience for the blind has presented a some challenges and one of the main ones, obviously, is sight. We didn't quite realize just how important visuals were to a game until we tried to make one without that sighted reliance. Regardless, we've spent some time working with people who are severely visually impaired to try and provide a good experience for both the blind and the sighted.

If you're looking for a fun scrabble game to try and you've found yourself here, look no further! We've dedicated ourselves to provide that experience that you've been missing out on. So create an account and give us a try so we can be remembered as your favorite word game on the market!

In order to play our game, you will need to make a Themis Games account. This is a quick process that can be done on our login page. You can also create your account directly inside the game itself. A window will popup before presenting the main menu to ensure you're logged in.

Account creation menu Account creation menu

Once you're signed in, there are two ways to play the game: against a friend and against a random other person. In order to play against a friend, just go to the friends menu and add someone as a friend. To play against a random person, go to the new game menu and press Join Queue.

When joining the queue, if someone is in a queue already, you'll be matched with them. If not, you'll have to wait until someone else comes along and joins the queue as well. If you head look at the game options, you can opt-in to receive email notifications. If this is enabled, you'll receive an email when you're matched into a game.

Some other options we have that you may be interested in are the dark mode and high contrast options. Dark mode will do what you would expect: make everything dark. High contrast mode is there to improve the contrast for colors in the game. High contrast is available for both dark and light modes.

Once in a game, you'll have the game board, your rack, your scores, and some menu options. Be sure to explore all around the board so you can familiarize yourself with it. Scores are at the top, the board is in the middle, and your rack will be at the bottom. Then below your rack is where the menu options are, including the ability to play a word.

An example of a player rack Example of a player's rack

Some important menu buttons are the ability to shuffle your tiles around, swap your tiles out for new ones, and recall tiles to bring all tiles you've placed on the board, but haven't played yet, back to your tile rack. These can compliment your game well if used often.

There's also the options menu to let you toggle email notifications, sounds, dark mode, and high contrast mode here as well. You can also choose to resign your game early in case you don't want to continue playing against your opponent anymore. Resigning results in an immediate loss, regardless of your points.

Special thanks to Tony May for inspiring us to make this game. Also thanks to NASPA for providing us with an awesome tournament-standard word list for us to use in our game. Words you play here should be the same as any Scrabble words you would play.